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Astrologer. Mystic. Ceremonialist. Guide. 


"Only from the heart can you touch the sky."

I'm here to help show you how.

Hi there! I'm Remy.

I'm a counseling astrologer and coach who uses your birth chart as a blueprint to target our sessions. I create custom one-on-one packages around your unique placements, designed to maximize your goals and make our time together highly personalized and effective. My specialty is relationship, intimacy, inner child healing, and spiritual healing/activation. 

I'm also a tea ceremonialist. You can find me inside my course Tea Temple where I teach you the steps of the ceremony, and everything you need to know to work with tea as a powerful guide in your life too. You can also join one of my live, virtual tea ceremonies inside my online community here.

You can also find me inside my virtual community, The Temple, where I host live events, courses, virtual retreats around the themes of the zodiac seasons, and pop-up gatherings (like yoga, meditation, and energy healings), and more.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in business, marketing, and management from The Savannah College of Art and Design as well as 10+ years as a group facilitator for adults + teens working in retreats, ritual, and team building, 10+ years of personal study and investment into my own coaches, teachers, therapists, and programs including mentors in astrology, tarot, yoga, tea ceremony, spirituality, nutrition, leadership, sex therapy, somatic trauma clearing, mental health and trauma-informed space holding, and psychic development, and years of travel and integration work on my own journey through healing. I hold space for what I know. I work with people who I used to be. 

It's nice to meet you! Feel free to introduce yourself, or reach out with questions, by sending me a love letter on my contact form, DMing me to say hello on instagram, or by joining me in membership inside The Temple.

Can’t wait to connect with you deeper xx


Find me on instagram.

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