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Work with Me One-on-One

Working with me one-on-one is my premium, signature offering and is a completely personalized experience for each person. Together we go DEEP where I offer you my fullest, most present and magnetic service, love, and space-holding. 

Coaching Package Options:

3, 6, or 9 Month Deep Dives

In working together in this way, I guide and support you on a healing, clearing, and integrating experience through life's major themes — love + relationship, intimacy, career + purpose (and business development + marketing for those desiring it), body + health, spirituality, + more. These packages are custom-tailored for each individual client and guide you on a comprehensive journey. You can choose to have a package created for you around any of the above areas. Or, we can dive into a combination of some or all of them together. 


All packages have the option to include the use of astrology, tarot, and the metaphysical, for anyone desiring it. 


Imagine that working together with me in this way is like having me sit at my altar with you every day (whether we have a session booked together that day, or not) and to help you heal, clear, manifest, and magnetize your heart's truest desires to you. Working with me on-one-one is to be held in daily prayer, and a special kind of magic, just as much as it's about our regular sessions together.

These packages include weekly 90-minute calls and full access to me in private chat via Voxer (during business hours) for the duration of our package.


All 6 and 9 month packages include access to my entire course catalog too.

3 month packages include access to monthly membership inside Camp Mystic.


One-Month Intensives


This one is great for anyone moving through something specific that’s very ALIVE for them right now and is desiring support and guidance with it. It's also a great option for someone who doesn't feel able to invest in my longer term support yet. Regardless of your "why," this container is about quick, straight to the point support that goes directly to the core.


Are you going through a recent break-up? Experiencing a major life change of some sort? Starting a new project? Learning a new mystical skill and desiring support in further developing it? These are all great reasons to apply for this package. I love offering support during big transitions of the mind, body, heart, and spirit.


These containers are special and potent—one month has just as much capacity to be life changing and transformative. Sometimes, a shorter drop-in is all we need.


This package includes two deep dive (90-minute) coaching calls (one at the beginning of the month and one at the end).

I only take very limited clients to work with one-on-one. My books don't open often as many of my clients and I choose to work together for long stretches of time.


Feel free to reach out and apply, by filling out the application, if you're feeling called to work together in a private coaching container (which will be custom created just for you).


Once your application is received, you will receive an invitation to reserve your space and book your sessions should I feel it's aligned for us to work together. 


Know that you are very welcome in this space and you are invited to feel safe applying. Everything shared in your application will remain confidential. I would love to have the opportunity get to know and hold you.


Please also go say hello over on Instagram! I love connecting there and getting to know my community. Social media is magic. <3

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