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Community Agreements

Thank you for taking the time to read the following guidelines, which allow me to build a community of safety, respect, transparency, and shared intention. 

Updated September 8, 2021

Expectations for Students, Clients, and Visitors

If you desire to take part in one of my offerings, these are the boundaries and structures that I ask each student to adhere to:

Personal Responsibility with Self and the Material. I expect you to be able to hold yourself safely in this work. If you are unable to do this, or are in a season of your life where this doesn’t feel accessible to you, these courses and offerings may not be right for you. 

Personal Responsibility with Self-Tending and Care. This work is powerful and can bring up big feelings. I am not a therapist and am not able to provide therapeutically based support. I highly encourage you to seek out a processor or supportive space as you move through the material, should you find that it is bringing up big feelings. The spaces I offer are not substitutes for therapy, and should not be used as such. 

Autonomy and Critical Thinking. In these courses, offerings, and with my work, there is a big emphasis on critical thinking and personal responsibility. You are expected to utilize your critical thinking and common sense in these courses and containers. I am here to hold you and will happily and enthusiastically share my beliefs, views, and values, however, please remember that you have your own agency, your own guidance system, and that you are a sovereign being with full autonomy to make your own decisions. Please take what works for you and leave what doesn't–just like you would with any space holder, guide, or teacher. 

Integrity. You may not claim that the materials provided in any reading, course, or container are yours without credit to where you learned and received them. Do not lift the material and teach it as your own. Please do not share this material with anyone who has not invested in it without previous consent from me or my team. Please do not rob someone of the opportunity to take the journeys and initiations inside my courses and containers. Please do not share any secrets, rituals, rites, initiations, or special things that occur inside these courses and containers. Thank you for helping to keep the ethics and integrity high and the sacred sacred. It is appreciated more than I can say.

Integrity Part Two. I love that you feel excited about sharing your involvement in my offerings! I want that! I invite you to do so, with a few boundaries: it is very ok to share a few short instagram story length (15 second) clips of live gatherings, lessons, and/or events. If you choose to do so, please always tag @remy.godwin on instagram and please do not post more than four in a row (totaling 60 seconds). The exception to this is that you may not post or share anything with someone speaking who is not Remy, someone from my team, or yourself. This is for the privacy, protection, and respect of others inside these spaces with you.


You also may not share any clips of initiations or rites of passage rituals. Please do not repost any words shared from inside any of my paid courses or containers, including any workbooks and/or prompts.


You may share, forward, photograph, and repost emails and screenshots from free offerings unless otherwise stated. The same rules apply to my text content as my videos — if publicly shared please always tag @remy.godwin on instagram. If you feel unclear about this, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact my team here to ask and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Respond, rather than React. I strive to provide the most heart centered, honest, humble experience for my students and clients. I expect and ask the same from you. Sometimes material can trigger us and can feel big, and within our discomfort, we can have an impulse to react. I honor your responses to this material, and I also know that in therapeutic/therapy spaces there is an encouragement to reflect whatever is arising within us at the processor. That's not what we're doing here. My courses and containers are a training ground for you to learn how to navigate discomfort and cultivate your own ability to operate in emotionally intelligent ways. I am here to support you and I feel honored to do so, but I expect you to have the ability to self regulate while inside any of my courses, containers, offerings, and/or readings.  

The Integrity of Sharing Astrology

Astrology is an ancient system of exploring the pathways of the soul, and a language we can use to understand ourselves and the world deeper. The birth chart reveals to us both strengths and weaknesses and includes within it very personal and deep wisdom about and into the soul of the person inquiring. While astrology has become more widely discussed and accessible via the internet, there is a difference in what you can discover in a google search, a beginner's book, and what you will learn when studying with a teacher & mentor. Consent is extremely important when discussing astrological themes with another person. *(In this moment of seeking consent, this conversation should include being clear with them what it really means to have access to someone's birth chart as well as the nature of what you'll be able to see about them once you do — aka their deepest wounds and vulnerabilities, even the ones they may not yet be aware of. This is a sacred healing system and language, not a party trick).


Understand that in choosing to study astrology, even if your only goal is to use it to understand yourself deeper, you are being given esoteric wisdom. Understand that not everyone is ready to be witnessed, explored, and analyzed as deeply as their birth chart will give you the ability to see. Understand that most people will not know this when asking you to casually discuss their signs and placements at the dinner table. Astrology is medicine—it is not casual.


With great power comes great responsibility. I trust you to read people with your highest integrity, their full consent, and with only the intent to bring them closer into love with themselves. I also trust that you will not share anything you have not first sat with deeply in yourself and done integration work around. I have consciously studied astrology for 10+ years, including with the support of mentors, teachers, and guides of my own (and lots and lots and lots of personal growth and healing work through an exploration of my own chart). This is very special kind of service is a lifelong journey and labor of love. There will always be more learning, growing, and evolving left to do — for myself included. I love that you feel called to this work and medicine too. The Age of Aquarius is special like that. 

Flexibility in the Topics, Timing, and/or Syllabus of the Offerings

Due to the channeled nature of this work and my creative process, topics, timings, and/or syllabus items are subject to change, even while a course or container is running. I am always committed to providing exceptional offerings, and I appreciate your understanding that openness to change is a part of spiritual practice, and is a foundation and value of all courses and containers here in this space. This flexibility exists so I can offer you the highest and best service in my offerings and share from a space of inspiration rather than stagnancy. 

I will always do my best to follow the timeline and beats of the containers as advertised, but know that I am a person who creates from a space of intuition and flow. This is a part of the magic of my teachings, guidance, and space holding. If something changes, it will always be replaced with an offering of equal or greater value. If this kind of intuitive teaching and space-holding does not feel good to you—these courses and containers may not be the right fit.

Respect & Confidentiality

Each course, offering, and/or reading is held in a container of confidentiality. Everything you share in the Q&As, sharing circles, and online community areas remains confidential between you, Remy, and the course participants. By participating, you agree to hold course materials and participant communications confidential. This includes the name and identity of other participants, without seeking their advance consent to reveal.

This is a Supportive & Inclusive Space

It is a priority, value, and commitment of mine that my courses, containers, and offerings be a supportive and inclusive space for all participants. Any kind of intolerance will not be permitted. 

We are people from many different walks of life occupying the same space. I encourage everyone to be intentional with their language. I ask for everyone’s respect for one another.  

A Note About My Personal Time/Boundaries

I am your guide, space-holder, and teacher on these journeys. Yay! I always feel both excited and blessed to get to serve you doing something that I truly love. That said, please remember that I am just one person.


I do not check my DMs every day. Often, it takes me a few days to get back to emails. My free time does not translate to my available time. With this understanding, if you see me posting something on social media, but I haven’t responded to you, please understand this. I promise I’m not ignoring you and that I will get back to you when I have the spaciousness to do so. Know that my definition of spaciousness may be different from yours—and this is very ok. Important: this only applies to those of you inside a live course, offering, or coaching container with me. If you do not have any such agreements with me, I am under no soul contract or obligation to respond to you unless it feels aligned for me to do so at the time. Know that this is not personal—there are just only so many hours in a day. 


Please keep all questions, conversations, and anything related to these courses and containers in the relevant area for each. This location will be communicated to you at the time of registration and you are encouraged to use these spaces as often as you'd like. Should a community chat area be included in the offering you are registering for, I highly encourage you to use it as often as you desire. Know that my DMs aren't for this :)

In addition to the expectations listed above, if you are contacting me outside of any agreed-upon offering you are participating in, please ask for consent before sharing anything emotionally heavy or requiring emotional space-holding or processing from me outside of our agreed-upon containers. If you are unsure of what this might be—just ask. I love connecting with each of you, always. Just remember that I am a highly sensitive person who feels the emotions of others very deeply. Healthy boundaries and consent are extremely important values to me, not only for my own self care, but also so I can serve you from a place of being fully resourced, present, and in a balanced and equal energy exchange. 

Expectations for Communication

Myself, or someone from my team will be there to assist and support any student/client with technical or administrative needs during team hours (Monday -- Friday, 9am-5pm (Central). If you have questions, please contact us 

Important Note —

These are not therapeutic courses or offerings. I am not a therapist or medical professional and these courses, group offerings, and/or readings are not a substitute for therapy or professional mental heath care. I do not present or claim that my work fixes, treats, diagnoses, or heals mental illness.

My courses are supportive spaces on ways to include astrology, magic, Tea, ceremony, ritual, and the other medicines offered inside as some of the many anchoring tools in your toolbox of self resourcing. It is my intention that this material can assist you on the path of your self care, and this medicine is very supportive in doing so. However, it is necessary that you either have the therapeutic support you need, as a supplement to these courses and offerings, or that you are feeling regulated, grounded, resourced, and ready to enter into them safely. We do deep work together in the courses, containers, and offerings here. Big things will very likely get brought up for you that I will be present to hold space for during sessions (in alignment with the above agreements being met), but it is the expectation that you are able to do what is necessary to care for yourself well while outside of our times together. Contact me here if you have any questions about this. 

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