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Astrology Questions:

What do I need for an astrology session?

You will need your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. The exact time (or as close as possible) is *very* important. If you don't have your time of birth, we recommend working with an astrologer who specializes in birth time recovery — without this information, Remy will only be able to offer you limited insights. ​

What happens during one of Remy's astrology readings?

During your session together, you will explore your birth chart. Think of your birth chart like an owner's operation manual that's unique to YOU. Each chart is divided into twelve houses, each relating very intimately with a theme and area of your life. Cultivating an understanding of where your planets live, and how they communicate with each other based on these placements has a deeply transformational and empowering effect in our lives. Your birth chart is the "nature." Your life is the "nurture." Remy's readings help you integrate in the spaces between the two. 

These readings are custom-tailored to your interests and level of experience. They can go as deeply into these themes as you desire.

Astrology sessions with Remy feel very much like an intimate conversation with a friend. Feel free to be playful, casual, curious, and totally yourself. This is meant to be fun!


Note: Yes, Remy totally does quite a bit of talking, channeling, and translating in your sessions together. However—you will only be able to go as deeply together as you are able to show up and contribute to the conversation. Expect to be asked questions and to participate. Astrology readings are best embarked upon as a co-creative exploration. Your level of curiosity is directly related to how much your birth chart will reveal to in your reading. 

Remy's readings feel like a cross between story time, where she tells you the hero's journey tale of your unique chart, and a one-on-one coaching session around how to activate the high roads of each of your placements. These readings are a healing space for you to ask any questions you feel called to explore, have deep supportive space held for you, and discover the medicine hidden in your chart around your questions. You will go into a whole lot together in your reading with Remy — this is a unique offering. 

Is it scary?

No. Not at all!! Astrology does not doom you to a miserable life, curse you, or make you a sinner unworthy of God's love. Astrology is simply just a language and system of cyclical patterns. Pattern-making served our ancestors, as they learned how to develop things like agriculture in a world before the internet. Witnessing these patterns over thousands of years has taught us a way of viewing the cycles of life in partnership with nature. Astrology is a predictable system—the unpredictable part is how YOU, and your own agency over your life, will choose to respond to certain patterns as they show up. Getting to know you, and how certain energies feel in, and affect your life is the fun part! ​You will leave every session feeling empowered and inspired. 

Why do astrologers sometimes have different opinions and interpretations, if this is just a predictable pattern system? 

Because, perspective is subjective—when looking at the same thing, reading the same book, walking the same path into the forest—we all see a slightly different part of the big picture. Astrologers are people who are very skilled at zooming out, witnessing patterns, and translating all that information into really, really good stories. But, always remember that every teacher sees the world through their own unique lens. It's not that one astrologer is "wrong," and another is "right." It's that we're drawn to certain teachers, with certain perspectives, and certain experiences. This is a major part of the magic of finding the right match for you. It's alchemy! 

What's the difference between "classic" astrology and the psychological/esoteric astrology that Remy practices? 

The simplest answer is this: classic astrology focuses on the development of the personality. Esoteric astrology focuses on the spiritual evolution of the soul. "Classic" astrology looks at the individual chart through the lens of everyday life. It concerns itself with the stories of the ego/personality as it interacts with the external world and perspective. Esoteric astrology is all about the soul—karma, consciousness, life purpose, spirituality, and archetypal themes as they show up on the internal landscape of the individual. If classic astrology is the "as above," esoteric astrology is the "so below."​

(There are so so many different branches of astrology, none of which is better or worse than another. Again, we all just resonate with, and see a different piece of the story).

Will our sessions be confidential? 

Yes. Everything you discuss with Remy—including your birth chart—is 100% confidential. She will always honor and respect your privacy.​

How frequently should I get an astrology reading?

Your choice! You can drop in with Remy in a reading as often as you'd like, so long as you have the curiosity to go deeper. 

Did you just meet a new lover, and want to chat about a composite or synastry chart? Are you curious how a specific upcoming transit will affect your chart? Do you just want to go reaaaal deep? Book as often as you feel called!

You can email Remy to discuss options. Or, just book any of her sessions, and let her know at the beginning what you'd like to discuss.

If you're wanting to go deeper with Remy outside of the context of astrology, she also offers one-on-one coaching packages. She will still use your chart as your guide in these containers, but these are for when something comes up that you're wanting to go into over multiple sessions, and desire her support in processing. Or, something you are wanting to learn from her (astrology coaching, or business/marketing/entrepreneurship mentoring, etc). Click here to learn more and apply. 

How far in advance can I book a reading?

Remy's readings are able to be booked up to 120 days in advance. If you can't find a time that works for you, or you have a reason you need to schedule a session more than four months in advance, please email her and let her know your reasons and someone from Team Mystic will reach out to you soon.

Does Remy teach astrology workshops?

She does! One of Remy's signature offerings is her course ZODIAC: A Hero's Journey into the Self. In this course + virtual retreat, you go on a healing journey together through the 12 houses of the birth chart. It is a powerful and potent ride. Click here to get yourself inside. Remy also teaches a course called Learning Astrology, for those of you wanting to dive into personal study to learn how to read for yourself too. ​​​​​​

What happens after the session?

Remy's practice promotes your own agency and free will. Astrology has the ability to shine a spotlight on certain themes, areas, and upcoming transit energies of life—how you choose to interact with these energies is entirely up to you. Nothing is ever set in stone. You get to decide what you place value on. You get to decide what resonates with you. You get to decide what you want to do with the lessons of your sessions together. After your session, you will feel activated, inspired, and empowered to show up to the world with more compassion and empathy for how it feels to be you.  

Does Remy read tarot cards? 

In addition to astrology, Remy also reads tarot cards, yes! Sometimes these may be relevant to your sessions and can be used, if you consent and desire it. So mote it be. 

What method does Remy use for couple's readings? 

Remy uses a combination of synastry and composite, as she feels both together tell an important comprehensive story. The composite chart tells us what the purpose of the relationship is, and gives us clues as to why you've come together, and potential energies you may come up against (much like a third person in the room). Synastry shows us how each person's energy functions, and how those energies meet. It invites us into an experience of finding more empathy, compassion, understanding, and unconditional love for one another. This is what Remy likes to focus on the most because she truly just loves watching people remember why they fell in love, or why they love each other (if platonic, or related) :)

What an astrology session is NOT:

While Remy can speculate on how certain patterns and themes *may* have played out in your life up to your session together (because of her deep study and understanding of aspects and transits) — she is not a fortune teller. Professional astrologers look at the placement of the stars and planets to analyze energies, archetypes, cycles, and patterns. Astrology readings are a conversation—Remy will highlight important areas for you to look at in your life experience, based on how your chart communicates with her. You will tell her how they've shown up for you (again, nature vs nurture). Then, you will work together to unpack these narratives in partnership with nature and the cosmos to clear traumas, and help activate your high road of each sign, aspect, and transit as they show up in your life.

A few final words...

Diving into inquiry on a birth chart is a layered and detailed process best embarked upon over many sessions, as you and Remy get to know each other, and develop a working relationship. It's ok if you only have plans to book one session, but her favorite humans to work with are the ones who love to go deep (she has Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th house, hehe). 

Remy reserves the right to refuse her services. Her astrology sessions are informational and designed to help you make thoughtful choices; they are not a substitute for medical treatment, mental health services, or legal advice. her services are non-refundable. 

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