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The Podcast

FALSE PROPHET is a space where we get to rewrite the rules of everything we’ve been taught to believe and open our hearts to experiences of the sacred — one conversation at a time.

You can subscribe to FALSE PROPHET anywhere you get your podcasts.

FALSE PROPHET exists to create a safe space for people who have always wanted to go to church but feel like they don’t belong. For those who are longing for a practice of devotion, and ritual, and experiences of the sacred. For those who want to make life their altar. Come sit with us while we muse about spirituality, God, astrology, tarot, and the esoteric, relationship, life, love, and all the things. If this feels exciting to you, if this feels nourishing to you, if this feels like a growth edge for belong here. This was created for you. Come listen with me and make it a part of your spiritual questing.


Sit with me awhile. You are so welcome here.


You are not alone. It’s ok to not have all the answers. You are the only person who gets to define what God means to you.


I created this podcast because it’s the space I wish I always had.

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