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Learning Astrology

Do you want to learn how to read the language of the stars and how to use them in your daily life?

Do you want to discover your purpose, your ideal relationships, your karma, where you fit best in the world, + so much more?

Do you want to learn how to live in partnership with the cycles of nature?


Do you want to learn how to harness the magic of timing to take your manifestations, projects, investments, wishes, and dreams deeper, to get what you want faster?

Do you want to take your spiritual practice deeper, and learn the ways astrology can show you how?

Do you want to heal where it hurts, open where you're closed, rise to what your soul called you here to offer, and learn how to love in a way that lasts?

Do you want to learn how to become an astrologer and discover how the stars will choose to speak through you too? 

Do you just have curiosity about the cosmos and a desire to discover more?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place. 

In my course Learning Astrology, you will learn tools to help guide you down the path of self discovery through a study of the stars. Inside, you will study yourself and your own birth chart. Through this exploration, you will meet yourself in a deep, unique, and exciting way while developing the tools you'll need to translate the language of the stars for others too.

Whether it's your goal to learn to become an astrologer or you just want to study deeper to learn how to share astrology in the lives of you, your friends, and family — this course is for you. 

Learning Astrology is a 6-week dive into the foundational studies of the birth chart. Inside you will discover self-guided lessons to take you deep into a journey of self discovery. You will end with access to a recording of a live 3-hour workshop and Q+A session (from a previous live round) to help you practically apply your studies. 

Get INSTANT ACCESS NOW and dive in at your own pace.

What’s in the course?

Week One: A Dive into the Signs of the Zodiac

Explore the hero’s journey story of each of the signs and an in-depth lesson for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Week Two: A Dive into the Planets + Celestial Bodies

Explore lessons for each of the planets, and the moon, and the significance of these planets in your daily life.

Week Three: Saturn and Destiny

Explore Saturn’s placement in your chart and what it means for your destiny.

Week Four: The Rising Sign

Learn all about your rising sign and what direction your soul is being called.

Week Five: The North Node

Discover what your unique north node means for you in this lifetime. 

Week Six: Chart Reading Made Easy + 3-hour workshop and Q+A session *(pre-recorded).

Dive into four different lessons all about chart reading and learn how to do a reading all on your own! Have your questions answered, time to practice and be witnessed, and connect live with me for support in your journey of learning to translate the cosmos for yourself.

Plus +

Homework and practices each week to follow at your own pace. 

Learning Astrology is a beginner-friendly course for those desiring to learn the basics of astrology. This is a space for those wanting to learn astrology for self-study, those wanting to become astrologers, or for those wanting to add astrology to their existing skillset to take their current offerings deeper. 

In 2020, we officially arrived into the Age of Aquarius (did you feel it)? This is a time ruled by astrology, technology, the metaphysical, and the spiritual. It is a time of evolution of collective consciousness and a returning to the wisdom of ancient symbols as they speak in our lives today.


You were born for a reason. You chose to come to this planet at this time for a reason. You are reading this for a reason. This course is a pathway of discovering that reason.


You matter. You are felt. Your contribution to the world is needed, whatever it may be. 


If you’ve been feeling the call to learn more about the stars, now is an extremely aligned time to dive into this study. Together, we are standing on the threshold of the dawning of this new age. In choosing to study astrology, you get to partner with the cosmos to help co-create what your role in shaping the future will become. In choosing to study astrology, you get to take your place as a leader in translating this language that will help to shape the next 2000+ years, and work in partnership with the energy of the world we’ve arrived to. 

What you choose to do with it is up to you.

Astrology is some of the deepest medicine I have ever experienced. This course will teach you how to witness yourself in a way that truly has the ability to completely transform your life. It is one of my great pleasures to share this practice with all who are ready to receive it. Imagine a world where everyone spoke astrology as a language that gives us capacity for greater empathy, compassion, understanding, emotional intelligence, and love of being alive? I invite you to join me in this mission. I’ll teach you every thing I know, support you in receiving it, celebrate you when it clicks, and cheer you on out there in the world with whatever you choose to do with it. 

We’ve been through so much these past few years. 2022 is the year for the dawn after the dark. The astrology of this year is hopeful and bright. I can’t wait for you to see it too. 

What It Costs:


*Get yourself inside for as low as $276 (Two payments, 30 days apart).

For reference, my hourly rate would make even just the workshop part of this course cost more than $700. This course price is 🔥

”Remy blew me away. There is no “box” for this astrologer goddess. If I tried to make one, she’d just pop right out. Remy is tapped into something profound and wild, but it comes through so subtle and soft. She’s operating at the highest level across the spectrum of gifts … from heart to intellect, knowledge to intuition, analysis to insight, and psychic to academic. Needless to say, she knows what she’s talking about, and I’m a huge fan. If you feel the tiniest bit drawn to work with Remy, do it. Trust me.”

- Brian N.

Your questions, answered.

+ Who is Learning Astrology for?

This course is for astrology beginners and is translated in a way that is simple to understand. (I promise)!

+ Should I want to become an astrologer to join? 

That’s up to you! This course is also great to take just to explore self discovery and deeper intimacy with yourself too. Whatever the reason you are feeling called to study astrology, you are welcome here.

+ What if I do want to become an astrologer, will this course help me start my practice?

Definitely! This course is a great foundation for beginners to astrology study. It will open your mind, heart, and spirit in the ways that your unique system is asking for it and it will reveal to you next steps after, should you wish to go deeper.

+ Will this course teach me how to give readings on my own?

By the end of this course, you will have a good foundation and understanding of the zodiac signs, the planets, Saturn, the rising sign, the north node, and the bones of the birth chart. You will be able to offer insights to people based on these things. In addition, I will teach you how to do a sun, moon, rising reading to get your started in practicing your skills.

+ How long will I have access to the course content?

Everything inside is yours to access and view as many times as your heart desires for two full years. 

+ You mentioned there is homework, will I be graded on it?

No. The homework and practices are self-paced and guided. Doing your homework will most definitely be necessary to support your learning, and I recommend it to you, for sure, but I understand life can be chaotic. Homework will not be checked or graded. It is just a tool for you to measure your success against and to practice with. There is no rush. This course does build off of the previous lessons each week, but you have access to the content for two full years and can visit it as much as you’d like during that time. 

+ What is special about the way you teach astrology?

Great question! There are many good teachers out there who I admire. Something I love about astrology is that, as a language, it speaks to each of us a little differently. For me, I love using astrology as a tool for deeper understanding of the self through a perspective of archetypes, story, and mythology. I love using it as a tool to help people love themselves more and to get better at their relationships. There are so many scary interpretations of astrology out there. I do not believe in this. There is no good or bad, only information. I am very good at translating these symbols into a story that will resonate with and awaken your soul. I will never doomsday communicate with you or use astrology as anything other than the magic language that it is. I have years of study of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and group leadership, to name a few relevant things I bring into my courses. I am very balanced between the spiritual and the tangible worlds as I find both the logical and the metaphysical approaches to be equally valuable. I am also trauma-informed and sensitive to OCD, ADHD, and mental health themes around spirituality and fear of signs.

+ Say a little more about that…

My courses are a positive space of exploration of symbolism. Everything is an invitation. You will remain autonomous and have full agency over yourself, your story, and the meaning of the symbols of the birth chart as they speak to you. I will never tell you what you are meant to think or give you scary advice about the future. I exist in the realm of “maybes” and I invite you to as well. 

+ Is astrology fortune telling?

No. Astrology is a system of witnessing the patterns of nature, a language of archetypal symbolism to explain those patterns, and an exploration of how they show up in our lives. The meaning of this is up to interpretation of the individual. This part of the fun. It hits us all differently, and yet, we are all pieces of the greater whole. 

+ Is astrology even real?

That’s up to you. In my opinion, astrology is a tool to help cultivate deeper compassion empathy, and emotional intelligence through an exploration of archetypes, myth, story, and healing. In my experience, it’s mostly just cis-white men who don’t “believe” in astrology…and sometimes earth signs. Let’s talk about it. PS—Carl Jung was an astrologer too. He even wrote some books about it. Check it out ;)

+ How will I explain myself to people that don’t agree with astrology?

Another great question. I personally prefer not to waste my energy on people who are determined to misunderstand me. I am not an evangelist—people can believe whatever they want. I’m good with that. Sometimes I tell those kinds of people that I work with psychological archetypes and story. Sometimes I tell them I speak to God through symbolism. Really depends on my mood. My serious answer: tell them you are studying empathy and emotional intelligence by exploring the different personality types. (Cis-white men and Christians love Myers-Brigg. That’s based on astrology too, though, hehe). 

+ Are there payment plans available?

There are. Email me to request one and I'll send it your way.

+ Tell me a little more about yourself.

Sure! Click here to read about me. Feel free to reach out via instagram or email to say hello as well, if you feel called to connect. I’d love to meet you.

+ What’s your sun, moon, and rising?

I’m a 29° Libra Sun with a true Scorpio cusp, Sagittarius Moon, and Leo Rising. Important lil’ astrology fact: there are only three degrees that cusps are truly a thing—29°, 0°, and 1°. Even this is very dependent on your chart. I know this might come as a shock to some of you. Don’t shoot the messenger. I love you. 

+ I have more astrology questions…

I’m happy to hear that. You’re in the right place! Many of these questions will be answered inside the course. However, feel free to check out my general FAQ here. There’s a whole astrology section that you might enjoy. 

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